Human-Centered Progress Means We Must Move From STEM to STEAM

There is a lot of buzz there days in business, government and education circles about the competitive shortcomings of Canada’s economy.  The “collective wisdom”, which can also be characterized by the “pool ignorance”, is based on an inadequate mindset of the “thought leaders” of the day.  They believe the solutions are found in graduating more, science, technology, […]

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Capitalism Needs Some Idealism

Jason Kenney promises to return Alberta to prosperity if Albertans vote for his Wildrose/PC “free enterprise” party. Given the paucity of information around what his “free enterprise” party stands for, we are left to assume Mr Kenney will emulate corporate “free enterprise” leaders if he ends up in the premier’s office. What does a good […] […]

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BringCentreTogether Movement

There is going to be some interesting actions in Alberta’s political culture. We are seeing non-partisan progressive citizens start to dust off their apathy. We are seeing green shoots of engagement by youth, young professionals and women coming to realize the consequences to Alberta of the rise in the social conservative Unite the Right movement. […]

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